Digital Store Solution
App for in-store sales growth and better customer experience
2 month
One of the tasks in 2021 was improving the quality of service and customer experience
“We put great emphasis on creating an omnichannel shopping model, because it is important for us to give our customer a quality service here and now”
Marina Ilina
Head of the division ECCO
The Goals
1. Increase conversions and sales numbers
2. Improve the quality of service
3. Improve customer experience
4. Make customer journey between online and offline channels seamless
5. Integrate the full functional of the loyalty program
Is an application designed for employees. With the help of it, store associates offer similar product alternatives from the in-store collection when a product is out of stock or order online or in another store.
Digital Store Solution
Moreover, the consultation takes place instantly, which allows to save the client’s time. Also, the application enables the client to choose an alternative “here and now” and “in a single moment”.
Head of the division ECCO
The Solution
We launched the “Digital store solution” app which enables the store associate with:
1. Product information & availability
2. Cross-sell recommendations & alternatives
3. Online orders from stores
4. Click and collect
5. Loyalty program integration
6. Bridge the gap between online and offline channels
The MVP project was launched in 8 weeks, bringing the effectiveness of store associates uplift and enabling omnichannel capabilities.

For example, there is no product of a suitable size in store. Sales people scan the barcode to instantly reveal availability and product information, as well as order online or in the nearest store. The application gives the sales person prompts for related products which allows upselling and therefore increasing the in-store conversion and UPT metrics.

How does it work?
Customer applies discounts and bonuses
They choose the delivery and payment methods
Customer scans QR-code, sees order details and tracks it's status
The store associate plases an order and the customer tracks it with ECCO shopping app
Customer experience
There is no difference in customer experience at the retail store, on the website or in app. Digital Store Solution enables seamless journey between online and offline channels.
Integration with ECCO's systems
“We reviewed our processes, looked at how they fit into the existing “Digital store solution” system, and in 90% of cases, these coincided. Which means that our processes fit the “Digital store solution” while it fit our system. In other cases, when we saw that “Digital store solution” is better, we changed our processes to benefit from better practices.
I think, we managed it in three months. This is indeed a record not only for our company”.
Head of IT projects, ECCO
Sing up to a loyalty program with a phone number
Store associate finds the client’s profile in a loyalty program
Loyalty program
ECCO has a point-based loyalty program. We integrated it in the Digital Store Solution app to enable store associates to sign up new customers, check how many points are available and redeem them for the discount.
ECCO launched an educational program for sales people to learn how many bonuses they get from each type of order. Each sales person has an account with sales targets, personal progress and incentives. It employees keep up with their KPI's.
The number of sales increased when store associates saw that the new tool helped them to achieve their targets.
How the service helps store associates to increase efficiency.

ECCO had results at the MVP stage in both: sales and positive customer feedback.
As a result
The launch of DSS in ECCO is an example of how to get growth in revenue positive reviews from customers at MVP stage. The ECCO team created conditions so that sellers can realize the benefits of DSS and start to use it. Monthly turnover of the chain increased for 2,5%.
Better customer experience
“We've received a great amount of positive feedback. “Everything is so simple now, awesome!”.
Also, imagine the situation:
Customer: I’d like this pair of shoes, but in a different color.
Sales person: You could try on the one that we have here, these white shoes, they are exactly the same as the red ones, which we will deliver to you. How do you like it?
Customer: Great, thank you!
Customer loyalty has increased.
Store Manager, ECCO
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