Loyalty programs
Get a multi-functional end-to-end loyalty solution
Embrace our in-app loyalty scheme, not only bolstering your business profits but also championing ecological benefits through reduced paper and plastic waste.
Gather and engage your customer base, enhance audience retention, and encourage the audience to place an order
Loyalty program onboarding: proposal to get a bonus card
Payment by bonuses:
user can spend bonuces while paying for a purchase
User's profile:
user can find all the info needed in one app in a couple of moments
Bonus system in the app
Lower Carbon Footprint
Avoiding plastic card production and disposal lessens emissions.
Resource Conservation
Digital loyalty saves materials and energy needed for plastic card creation.

Reduction of Plastic Waste
Using an app reduces plastic production and waste.
Less Pollution
No plastic cards means no microplastics entering the environment.
Constantly updated QR code
protects against using the loyalty programme without registration
Customers don't share a loyalty card; everyone starts their own
Customers use a QR code at the till instead of a standard card
The expiry date of the QR code is set by the business
Personal loyalty program level
Information about the level of loyalty program is continuously being updated in the user's profile
Encourage customers to buy more to elevate their loyalty card status and receive a greater discount percentage
Keep customers shopping at your online store and progressing their loyalty tier rather than beginning anew at other shops
Personalised price on the product card
A logged-in user views the standard price on the product card and a personalised price based on their loyalty card tier.
Boost conversion rates by offering bespoke terms and conditions
Boost customer loyalty and assist customers in making a purchasing decision more promptly
Must-have for niches
Our 5+ years of experience and expertise underline the pivotal role of a loyalty programme for the following businesses
— Uploading the xml-feed from your CMS
— App development and customization
— Brand design
— App launch in AppStore and Google Play
— ASO, smart banner code gor your website
— First installs generation
App launch
$4 850 - $16 000
Final price depends on features and integrations needed for your project's app success
excl VAT
Monthly Plans
$ 1600 - 2700
excl VAT


$ 3700 - 4800

excl VAT

$ 5400 - 6400

excl VAT
excl VAT
What our customers say:
  • The pilot project of the re:Store mobile application was launched on time and showed an economic effect, in connection with which a decision was made on the further development of the product.
    IMSHOP.AI employees provide quality support and advice when it's needed.

    Andrew Vasilyev
    Head of E-commerce at re:Store
  • The obvious advantages of IMSHOP.AI platform are: fast launch, low costs. It's an additional revenue channel that takes minimal upkeep.
    Founder at Sneakersale
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