Mobile Commerce Apps
Additional revenue channel for your e-commerce business
Take control of the 80% of your traffic coming from mobile devices
of online shoppers experience performance issues, such as slow load times or website errors
of shoppers report abandoning an online purchase due to website errors or technical glitches
Why you need mobile app for your business
The app is 8x quicker than the website
Push-notifications (average OR - 10%)
Private profiles
CJM: the user will avoid visiting competitors while searching

Explore Our Features

Get multiple store visits from each install with customizable and personalized push notifications
Unlike websites where you pay for every visit, push notifications are a free tool to send notifications.

Push notifications are an excellent way to deliver time-sensitive information or alerts whether it’s general sales or a geo-targeted offer
Upselling presents an opportunity to generate additional revenue from your existing customer base.
It allows you to showcase a wider range of options, ensuring that customers are aware of all the choices available to them
Upselling contributes to increasing the customer lifetime value (CLV).
Provide a convenient and seamless way for customers to access and use their loyalty rewards.
By eliminating the need for physical loyalty cards, you actively participate in environmental sustainability efforts and reduce plastic waste
With loyalty card integration, customers no longer need to carry physical cards or remember to present them during transactions which improves service

Drive App Installs through Your Existing Channels

Display app posters, train staff to inform customers, and integrate the app for in-store scanning and exclusive promotions
Highlight the app on your website's homepage, use targeted pop-ups or banners, and leverage email marketing to inform customers about the app.
One App,
Endless Markets:
Unlocking Retail Success Across Industries
Our retail store mobile app is versatile and can cater to various markets.
Leave a request for a demo! Let's make a prototype of an app which will enhance your business.
Free prototype at the initial meeting
Launching a dynamic pilot within 4-8 weeks, guided by our expert project manager
Conversions increase with consultations from our seasoned product manager
Our manager gathers potential strategies to drive sales growth in the application and fine-tune its functionality
How it works
We prioritize catering to your analytics and business needs. Our app is a strategic tool for growth, providing robust analytics to uncover valuable insights into customer behavior. We offer personalized customization to fit your requirements, empowering your business to thrive. Trust us to deliver a tailored app solution that will drive your success.
product manager at IMSHOP

Our price

— Uploading the xml-feed from your CMS
— App development and customization
— Brand design
— App launch in AppStore and Google Play
— ASO, smart banner code gor your website
— First installs generation
App launch
$4 850 - $16 000
Final price depends on features and integrations needed for your project's app success
excl VAT
Monthly Plans
$ 1600 - 2700
excl VAT


$ 3700 - 4800

excl VAT

$ 5400 - 6400

excl VAT
excl VAT

See how it works

How a multi brand sneaker store partnered with IMSHOP.AI to improve mobile shopping experience and uplift conversion rate.

App’s share in total ecommerce revenue
Conversion rate uplift on the go
Rollout period
8 weeks

What our customers say:

When launching the mobile application re:Store the primary task for us was to test the hypothesis of the presence of a separate audience in the AppStore and GooglePlay. IMSHOP product was ideally suited for its solution: the project was launched quickly and for a reasonable budget.

Within a month we had more than 30,000 installations, and after 3 months we received a turnover that more than covered our investment for the launch. Naturally, we decided to continue development.

We took the statistics for the year and realized that 84% of customers have not made orders online in the last 2 years. There was no limit to our surprise. Therefore, this is our new audience!
Head of E-commerce at re:Store

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