App launch

Fast and value-driven launch as a solid foundation for the comprehensive start and growth of a new efficient sales channel
  • 3-6 weeks
    Launching a pilot
  • 8 steps
  • from 3900 £
    Price per pilot
Request for a demo
You submit a request to build a demo application for your online shop.
Discovery interview
Within 24 hours after you submit the application form, our manager will contact you to conduct a discovery interview. You’ll be invited to share your needs, goals and information needed for the demo app.
Free prototype of your app
We upload Google feed in XML format from your CMS or other product management system, adapt your catalogue to the app, and develop a prototype of the app with your design and the required parameters. This takes about 1-3 days.
Decision making
Watch and use your demo application! Now you’re welcome to make a decision on application launch.
App development and customization
At this point, we’ll conduct necessary integrations — order export from the mobile app to the website, delivery methods, acquiring, etc. — via webhooks. This takes about 4-5 weeks.
App launch in AppStore and Google Play
Our Project Managers take care of the whole process of setting up and publishing on the App Store and Google Play, while our marketer works on ASO-optimisation so that customers can find the app in search. This takes about 1 week.
Analytics and marketing
We connect mobile analytics and teach you how to use it. We also help you promote the app: first to your loyal audience, website visitors, and retailers, and then through advising your personal product manager on other paid and free ways to attract installations.
App upgrading and product management
IMSHOP's flexible approach allows us to improve the app continuously. New features are added every week, 80% of which our customers typically receive as part of their subscription.
Your personal product manager draws up an app development plan and helps plug in features to increase sales.
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Book a demo
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