Digital Store Solution
Increase omnichannel of your brand
The application significantly boosts business revenue growth by empowering shop assistants to deliver superior customer service. By streamlining tasks and providing real-time inventory updates, it enables assistants to make quick, accurate product recommendations. This not only drives higher customer satisfaction but also enhances sales potential, contributing to overall revenue growth.
It's an application intended for staff.
It enables shop assistants to swiftly locate alternatives for products that are out of stock.
Digital Store Solution
Encourage and motivate sales assistants
Increase revenue
Improve customers experience
AoV +10%
From a +15% to +40% increase to retail outlets

How can IMSHOP.AI Online Store Solution help develop omnichannel
and increase customers loyalty?

OK, let's watch the process
– How can I have a loyalty card?
  1. The Sales Assistant enrolles a customer into the loyalty programme through the application.
  2. The application stores a loyalty card in the customer's profile.
  3. By continueing shopping on the App, they receive personalised notifications, selections, and bonuses, which enhance retention.
– Is there any loyalty card discount?
  1. The Sales Assistant checks the customer's bonus balance using the phone number.
  2. The Sales Assistant then applies the bonuses or provides a discount.
– Please reserve a size 8 for me at Westfield Stratford City.
  1. The Sales Assistant locates the desired product using the barcode.
  2. Checks for size 8 in Westfield Stratford City.
  3. Clicks "Book" and selects "Westfield Stratford City".
  4. The customer receives a text message with a booking reference.
  5. After the purchase, the Sales Assistant views the transaction bonus in their personal account.
– Is there a smaller size availavle?
The Sales Assistant scans the barcode using the mobile assistant and sees sizes available in the current shop as well as in other shops.
– By the way, I saw this blue dress on your site. So can I try it on at the shop?
  1. The Sales Assistant looks for an item by brand, colour, and size.
  2. Checks stock availability.
  3. Locates the desired dress in the shop/warehouse.
– Is there a dress like that, but in red?
  1. The Sales Assistant locates a model and views similar ones in alternative colours.
  2. Sources the product from the shop/warehouse.
Monthly Plans
$ 1600 - 2700
excl VAT


$ 3700 - 4800

excl VAT

$ 5400 - 6400

excl VAT
excl VAT
— Uploading the xml-feed from your CMS
— App development and customization
— Brand design
— App launch in AppStore and Google Play
— ASO, smart banner code on your website
— First installs generation
App launch
$4 850 - $16 000
Final price depends on features and integrations needed for your project's app success
excl VAT
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