Mobile app
The app is a link for managing all marketing processes
Goal: To launch a mobile app for VASSA & Co.: women's clothing brand.

  1. Input:Major fashion brand with more than 30 stores and its own Moscow based manufacturing
  2. Low conversion rate
  3. A lot of mobile traffic
  1. Launching mobile app for iOS and Android
  2. Providing omnichannel marketing instruments
  3. Setting up flexible delivery service with free fitting option
  4. Setting up push notifications to generate demand and increase engagement
  1. 6 weeks launch for both iOS and Android platforms
  2. Increase of mobile traffic conversion rate
  3. Activation and re-engagement of loyal customer base
  4. The growth of repeat purchases through retail and online channels
To set up omnichannel marketing, VASSA&Co came to IMSHOP.IO We started the development process and released MVP in 1,5 months. Later on, we improved and supported the service within a monthly subscription plan.
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Mary Mishenko
Head of e-commerce Vassa&Co

- Conversion to purchase increased

-LTV and retention increased

-Repeat purchase rate and session time increased

- Conversion to purchase increased

- LTV and retention increased

- Repeat purchase rate and session time increased

Pilot Project Hypothesis:
Increase in conversion to purchase from mobile traffic
Goal: Launch of a mobile application for the international kids' clothes and shoes manufacturer.

Brand Features:
  1. Kids' clothes and shoes brand-distributor with the focus on technological features
  2. Loyalty program
  3. Retail stores in more than 10 Russian cities
  1. Smart push-notification setup
  2. Main screen (Today) with mini-landings, promotions, compilations.
  3. Product catalogue integration
  4. Convenient filter by colour, size, technological features etc.
  5. Loyalty card in the customer profile
  6. Actual products and in-store availability
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