"Reima" mobile app
The result
-Conversion to purchase increased
-LTV and retention increased
-Repeat purchase rate and session time increased
Goal: Launch of a mobile application for the international kids' clothes and shoes manufacturer.
Brand Features:
  1. Kids' clothes and shoes brand-distributor with the focus on technological features
  2. Loyalty program
  3. Retail stores in more than 10 Russian cities
  1. Launching mobile app for iOS and Android
  2. Providing omnichannel marketing instruments
  3. Setting up flexible delivery service with free fitting option
  4. Setting up push notifications to generate demand and increase engagement
The Solution
"Before moving our website to the new platform, our mobile version was burdensome and uncomfortable. IMSHOP.IO app allowed us to set up a quick and efficient solution to mobile selling in a short time.

Application turned out to be an excellent approach to build up a mobile audience and to increase the overall conversion rate".
E-commerce manager at Reima

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