Beauty Salon Cosmetics Company's Mobile App

of the revenue from the online store
purchase conversion rate

Aravia is establishing its own sales channel through the application

"Our objective was to establish our proprietary sales channels. We opted to introduce a new website, ensuring its utmost convenience across all devices. The application proves to be even more user-friendly for customers compared to a well-optimized website for mobile devices. Presently, the app boasts a conversion rate of 13.4%, whereas the website stands at 4%."
Head of Digital Projects, ARAVIA
The Objectives:
  1. Creating our own ways to sell our products
  2. Making more people buy from mobile devices
  3. Getting more people to come back to our website.
  1. Read articles about products
  2. Register for webinars
  3. Shop
  4. Save products to favorites
  5. Learn about new promotions
In the app, a user is able to:
The main screen displays articles, promotions, and helpful information for a user
A user can also sign up for webinars
What have we done?
ARAVIA launched an app via IMSHOP.IO and took the following steps:

  1. Included educational articles on the main screen.
  2. Introduced push notifications for articles, promotions, and webinar recordings.
  3. Enabled stories on the main screen.
  4. Added dual pricing on product cards: one for beauty salons and another for individual customers.
  5. Enabled phone number-based authorization.
After reading the article, a user chooses products
A customer reads helpful information about the products
ARAVIA team set out with a goal to establish its own online sales channels. Up until that point, the company primarily conducted wholesale sales through online marketplaces. The objectives included revamping the website and launching a mobile application, given that 70% of their clients were accessing their services through mobile devices.

In partnership with IMSHOP.IO, ARAVIA successfully launched the mobile application and in half a year had contributed to 30% of the online store's total revenue.

To enrich the user experience, educational content was seamlessly integrated into the application. This content includes articles, a schedule of webinars and seminars, all accompanied by the introduction of push notifications. Interestingly, push notifications related to new educational materials led to a 1.5-fold increase in user engagement compared to notifications about promotions.
Product Introduction
After implementing smart banners, it took just 5 months for the application to start generating 30% of the online store's revenue
The Outcome:
The application contributed 30% of the online store's revenue for ARAVIA. The conversion rate for purchases reached 13.4%, compared to the website's 4%. Following the app's launch, mobile traffic retention increased by 25%.

Additionally, when push notifications regarding new educational content are sent, users are 1.5 times more likely to switch to the application compared to notifications about promotions.

The team is actively planning to introduce new features to further enhance the app's educational capabilities.

«The app ensures you're always in touch with your customers, right on their phones. It's not something they forget about like a website bookmark. You can send them notifications about deals, webinars, and new products, creating a closer connection with customers. Our experience shows that when you share useful product information, people are more likely to buy.»
Head of Digital Projects, ARAVIA
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