An app for a DIY chain stores in Eastern Europe

Increase in average purchase
Increase in conversion rate
Rollout period
8 weeks
I realised that the competition in the App Store and Google Play is not as tough as in Google search. Moreover, it’s cheaper to get users via mobile app stores. We also have to remember that there is a limit to users’ phone storage: we have to find a way to take our own place
Iliya Gurkov
E-commerce director at OMA
  1. Improve brand interacting experience via smartphones
2. Increase conversions
3. Launch new mobile sales channel
  1. View stories in the same manner as in social media
  2. Place an order
  3. View product selection on the home screen
  4. Add products to a favourites list
In the app, the customer is able to:
The Solution
OMA launched an application with IMSHOP.AI. This process included the following tasks:
1. Developed a geolocation guide for Eastern Europe
2. Enabled phone number validation in the Eastern Europe
3. Connected logistics map, a catalogue, and OMA product cards to IMSHOP.AI systems
We opted to go live with a ready-made solution to swiftly release the app and gauge its performance. IMSHOP.AI provided the most favourable terms in terms of app features, the launch timeline, and overall cost. Interestingly, it took us longer to hammer out the contract internally than it did to actually launch the app: we spent 3 months negotiating versus just 2 months to get the app off the ground
Iliya Gurkov
E-commerce director at OMA
OMA e-commerce team decided to launch an app for two reasons. They wanted to increase the mobile conversion rate and improve overall brand experience .
Before launching the OMA app, the IMSHOP.AI team had never created an app for stories from Eastern Europe, so it was necessary to refine the internal processes. For example, it was necessary to decide in which way geolocation of stores and customers would be determined. In Western Europe, data is requested from However no analogue of this service was found in Eastern Europe.
After that IMSHOP.AI developers created a geolocation guide for Eastern Europe in the app. In order to do this, the OMA team uploaded a database of locations from their system, which became the basis for the guidebook.
Once the OMA team had uploaded the list of locations, the IMSHOP.AI developers integrated it into the app's systems. This way the user selects a city and address exactly from this database. Moreover, are displayed for easier navigation, just like in other IMSHOP.AI applications.
The team intends to develop a referral programme called Invite a Friend, so that customers could inform their friends about the app and get bonuses for it. In addition to developing mobile app functionality, the team is planning to increase the app traffic through paid advertising, expand engagement through Google Ads and launch Facebook advertising campaigns.
Product launch
If an item is unavailable, the OMA website now shows 'Out of stock' instead of the price. After multiple rounds of refining the application, we adopted an alternative approach: the criteria for displaying products and prices to customers were revised. OMA systems now convey information to IMSHOP.AI regarding the availability or unavailability of goods, not via the price field, as on the website, but by using the 'In stock' indicator for products in each region and city
Ann S.
Project Manager at IMSHOP.AI
What was the result?
1. Conversions to purchase in the mobile app are 8.9x higher than in the mobile version of the website
2. The average order value is 10% higher than in the mobile version of the website
3. Rollout period – 8 weeks
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