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re:Store Case Study: Integrating Online and In-Store Channels within a Mobile Application
Application Growth Metrics:

  • Achieved an 8% in-app conversion rate.
  • Maintained a 28% customer retention rate during the first week.
  • Encouraged 24% of users to make repeat in-app purchases.
The launch of the new iPhone presented a unique opportunity to garner installations and capitalize on the soaring demand. To seize this chance, we introduced the initial version of our application alongside the iPhone sales launch. Our assumption was that the organic traffic, driven by the constant gadget-buying audience on the App Store and Google Play Store, would naturally generate sales without advertising.

We outlined several objectives aimed at boosting revenue:

  1. Enhance purchase conversion rates.
  2. Establish a seamless omnichannel sales strategy.
  3. Boost the frequency of repeat purchases.
"IMSHOP.AI's app was a quick and cost-effective solution. We launched it alongside the new iPhone, relying on organic reach without extra promotion costs. This approach resulted in high installations due to strong demand.".
Head of e-commerce, re:Store
How did we achieve this?
Developed the mobile application:

  1. Integrated a product catalog with filtering capabilities.
  2. Introduced a showcase featuring descriptions of promotions, delivery terms, and user selections.
  3. Developed customer profiles with the option to connect loyalty cards.
  4. Added a shopping cart to display selected products from the catalog.
  5. Implemented a 'Favorites' feature for users to collect their preferred gadgets.
Enhanced Shopping Experience

In the app, a customer can check product availability and find the nearest brand stores. Their personal account keeps track of your purchases and loyalty card. We've made it seamless by connecting the client's app account with the website, so we can recognize a customer wherever they shop.

Set up push notifications

We also use in-app messages to keep customers informed about special deals, sales, trends, and other important updates. Many of our customers find these notifications helpful, with click rates ranging from 3.11% to 9.21%

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