App for a professional cosmetics distributor

8 weeks
Launch time
«We chose to create an app because a significant portion of our website traffic comes from mobile devices. Recognizing our substantial customer base, we aim to enhance user experience. We require an additional platform for users to easily order cosmetics and enjoy a more pleasant and convenient interaction with us»
Marketing Manager, STYX
The objectives:
  1. Enhance the user experience for mobile customers
  2. Establish an extra platform for sales
  3. Launch the app within 8 weeks
  1. Orders cosmetics
  2. Chooses the delivery address
  3. Browses the product catalog
  4. Checks out promotions and special deals
  5. Enjoys the loyalty program within the app
In the app, a user is able to:
What have we done?
STYX and IMSHOP.AI launched the app:
  1. Integrated with IMSHOP.AI systems for website, purchasing, and logistics.
  2. Enabled the loyalty program.
  3. Introduced a category slider on the home screen.
  4. Incorporated stories similar to social network
STYX sells its products exclusively on its website, with only authorized cosmetics suppliers allowed to sell elsewhere. About two-thirds of their customers prefer the mobile site, so the team decided to create a mobile app to enhance the user experience and provide an additional way to shop.

The STYX team considered different options for developing the app, and they chose a cloud solution from IMSHOP.AI because it allows them to launch a basic app in just 8 weeks and start selling. They plan to use the income generated to further develop the app.

Currently, the team is expanding their product range and gathering feedback from initial users. They have plans to send email newsletters, push notifications about new products and deals, create articles and collections, offer special deals, and display promo codes for app users to increase downloads and user engagement.

To attract a loyal user base, they announced the app's release on social networks and offered an exclusive discount promo code for app users. The team also intends to collect feedback from initial users to guide future improvements.
Product Introduction

«After we launched the app, the STYX team added a smart banner to the website to encourage visitors to download the app and make orders through it. This way, we can test the app with our loyal users, get their initial feedback, and gather a list of tasks for future app development»
Senior Project Manager, IMSHOP.AI
The outcome:
  1. Successfully launched the app in just 8 weeks.
  2. The loyalty program has been activated.
  3. The app is now being promoted to our loyal user base and we're planning to expand to a new audience
«We've budgeted for advertising, but before we kick it off, we want to gather some information. We're going to use Google Forms to run a simple survey. The first page will have questions about the app, and on the second page, you'll find a special promo code just for the app.»
Marketing Manager, STYX
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