How a multi brand sneaker store partnered with IMSHOP.AI to improve mobile shopping experience and uplift conversion rate.

App’s share in total ecommerce revenue
Conversion rate uplift on the go
Rollout period
8 weeks
“The app is a platform where we can tell our brand’s story, communicate with the clients and make them aware of current promotions and offers.
For a content manager, it is a simple and functional tool. It takes no time to manage the content and no coding is needed, simply using Photoshop or Figma is enough. In comparison to a website, it’s much easier and faster: I can even create a new promo banner myself.”
Nick Z.
Head of ecommerce and marketing at SuperStep
  1. Improve mobile user experience
  2. Test a hypothesis that a brand can launch an app with minimal investments
  3. Uplift conversion rate
  1. Make purchases delivered to their doorsteps
  2. Use click and collect: purchase items online and pick them up at a collection point
  3. Quickly find a favourite brand using the “Brands” navigation tab
  4. Learn about current promotions and special offers
  5. Watch lookbooks and video campaigns
The customer uses the app to:
“We chose a turnkey solution. It allows us to test our hypotheses quickly and efficiently and not spend more than 8 weeks developing the application. Launching your own app would have taken hundreds of hours of development and high costs. Turnkey solution is an ideal solution in terms of price-quality ratio. Especially since UX is qualitatively worked out by the service provider, and we, as a client, do not spend anything on it.”
Nick Z.
Head of ecommerce and marketing at SuperStep
The Solution
SuperStep partnered with IMSHOP.AI to launch the app and:
  1. Created centralised stock uniting 13 stores and a main warehouse
  2. Enabled the "Brands" tab
  3. Developed photo slider in listing
  4. Integrated a map that allows building a road to the store
  5. Added a slider with categories and brands on the main page
“We motivate our customers to use the app by connecting features which are important and user-friendly. The mobile application helps us out when our website is not available due to technical reasons. In such case, we put a banner with a link to install the application. As a result, we see x6 more instals for these dates.”
Nick Z.
Head of ecommerce and marketing at SuperStep
Over the past year, SuperStep website’s mobile traffic has reached 75%. We partnered with IMSHOP.AI to improve the mobile user experience. In addition, we planned testing the hypothesis that the app would drive more sales than a mobile version of the website.
To increase the number of purchases the SuperStep team created centralised stock, so that the customers could order any item available from both the warehouse and in-store.
We tackled the issue with different delivery times for items in one order. To receive the order faster and not wait for all the items to be collected in one place for delivery, we altered the shipping process. Now in CRM the order is split into several ones. From the user’s perspective the experience has not changed.
Product MVP roll-out
Check the status of the ordered items
The buyer sees where the item is delivered from
Check Out
To sum things up
  1. The App drives 30% of total online sales
  2. The app converts x6 higher than the mobile website.
  3. After connecting SuperStep centralised stock, the brand saw x8 turnover increase.
  4. The application is featured in the top-200 of the App Store shopping apps.
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