App for a high-end massage and fitness equipment manufacturer

5.7-fold increase
in the percentage of repeat purchases compared to the mobile site
15 times higher
conversion rate than that of the mobile version of the website
"I began considering the possibility of setting up a studio for app development instead of relying on a freelance programmer. However, I found the idea of using a pre-packaged solution appealing due to its speed in getting the app on both the AppStore and Google Play, as well as its potential for future improvements. The current cost of the application is lower than hiring a full-time programmer, and it eliminates concerns about a developer's vacation or illness. With the company handling specific tasks, our team no longer worries about who will do what."

Yamaguchi Sales Director
The objectives:
  1. Swiftly launch an app on the App Store and Google Play.
  2. Enhance the smartphone user experience for customers.
  3. Boost the frequency of repeat purchases.
  1. Reads informative product articles
  2. Adds favorite products
  3. Makes purchases
In App a Shopper:
What was achieved?
Yamaguchi launched the app using IMSHOP.AI:

  1. Added a map of stores and order history to your personal account.
  2. Enabled stories on the main screen, like in social media.
  3. Organized the main screen into two tabs.
  4. Set performance goals for sellers at physical stores to encourage app installation.
"Before, we offered a mask as an incentive for social media subscriptions. Now, we provide it when you download our app or make a purchase in the salon through the app. Sellers have goals tied to app installations."
Yamaguchi Sales Director
In January, the Yamaguchi brand team collaborated with IMSHOP.AI to launch their application. They were drawn to this turnkey solution because of its speedy release on both the App Store and Google Play, its potential for future improvements, and the cost-effectiveness compared to hiring an in-house programmer. Prior to this, the company had spent 1.5 years developing its own application with the assistance of a freelance programmer.

Once the application was live, the brand team initiated its promotion efforts. They implemented a smart banner on their website, sent out email newsletters, ran social media advertising campaigns, printed catalogs featuring a QR code for easy app installation, and affixed them to their products.

In July, the team began promoting the app with the help of their in-store sales staff. They introduced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to app installations and in-app purchases while customers were in the store. Now, the sales staff educates customers about the app and assists them in making purchases through it. To incentivize app usage, customers receive a mask as a bonus. Since implementing this promotion method, users have started making repeat purchases twice as often, and the app's revenue has nearly doubled.

To further encourage repeat purchases and enhance the app's value, the Yamaguchi team plans to incorporate user health statistics into the application. Customers who have bought an exercise bike and downloaded the app will have access to these health statistics. This will provide users with valuable insights and introduce them to other products offered by the brand."
Product Introduction
"The app makes the trainer more valuable. It also encourages users to buy more things. When someone buys something like an exercise bike, they see things that make them want to buy more. The main goal is to keep them motivated to exercise with the app and make them interested in buying other stuff."

Yamaguchi Sales Director
The conversion rate in the app is 15 times higher than on the mobile website
What are the outcomes?
The app launched with IMSHOP.AI has generated revenue that is 5 times higher than the company's initial app. Within the Yamaguchi app, conversion rates are 15 times higher compared to the mobile site. Furthermore, the app has seen a 5.7-fold increase in repeat purchases compared to the mobile website.

Following the introduction of in-store promotion, users have doubled their frequency of repeat purchases. As a result, the app's revenue has nearly doubled as well.

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