The average order value is a crucial metric for retailers, aiding businesses in understanding how much revenue they generate per customer and helping optimize their customer acquisition and upselling efforts. In this article, we'll discuss top 5 mechanics to increase the AoV in your online store and - don’t disregard to point it out - explore the tools available on websites and in mobile applications.

These recommendations are based on our 5+ years E-Commerce experience collected from our clients’ cases.
5 Key Features to Elevate Average Order Value in An Online Store
Enhancing Average Order Value on Your Website and Mobile App
You can elevate the AoV on both your website and mobile app through similar strategies. It's beneficial for your business to ensure that customers on both platforms have access to similar features, such as loyalty programs, a "Previously Viewed" section in the cart, and not so evident more. This creates a consistent customer experience, encouraging active purchasing across all available channels.

The "Previously Viewed" Section in the Cart

This feature helps customers recall items they've previously viewed, allowing them to revisit these item cards and add them to their cart once they've made their purchase decision.
Even if a user doesn't make an immediate purchase, there's an increased likelihood they will revisit and add the product to their favorites.
Brands can also send push notifications featuring items in the favorites list, further increasing the likelihood of purchase and the number of completed orders.
Btw, it’s a perfect way to lead the customers back to the purchase funnel.

"Similar Products" and "Customers Also Buy" on Product Pages

These mechanics are relevant in various industries, from fashion to electronics. They serve to address multiple customer needs, enabling them to create an outfit centered around their primary purchase and find complementary items.
Consider this scenario: a customer is shopping for jeans. They like the overall style but aren't satisfied with the pocket design. In the "Similar Products" section, they find a pair of jeans with the desired design and add them to the cart. In the same product page, under "Customers Also Bought," they discover a matching shirt and a bag.
All of these items are added to their cart and purchased together, effectively increasing the average order value at the product page level.

Upsell Pop-up

To upsell, companies often include a widget in their app immediately after adding an item to the cart. This widget suggests accessories or additional products related to the main item.

For example, a customer purchases a new iPhone in the app and adds it to their cart. Right after, a widget appears, offering a phone case and wireless headphones as add-on items.

Loyalty Program

While not the most obvious approach, a loyalty program is a fundamental tool for increasing the average order value. When customers receive a bonus card or cashback for their past purchases, they are incentivized to return to your store for future purchases rather than going to a competitor.

For instance, if you sell cosmetics from various brands, a new customer receives a bonus card with the discount value determined by their cumulative purchases. When they need skincare or makeup products in the future, they are more likely to return to your store to take advantage of their higher discount, thereby increasing their loyalty to your brand.

Additionally, a loyalty program can help you build a community around your brand or store. Existing customers will spread the word about the great deals they get, bringing new clients in.

BNPL and Credit Mechanics

Offering BNPL payments or credit options for expensive items expedites the purchasing decision. Customers are definitely more willing to buy when they perceive a lower immediate financial burden.

In your app, you can incorporate these mechanics as payment methods during the checkout process and provide clear explanations of the rules on the product pages.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase both website and mobile app order values. Our experts specialize in helping brands and online stores optimize their mobile traffic and boost business revenue through apps.

For instance, AllTime, a jewelry and watch store, has achieved a 34% higher AoV in their app compared to their mobile website. If you're interested in learning how an app can help increase profits for your store, feel free to request a demo application.